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A passion for process

Launceston Distillery is passionate about producing the finest quality Tasmanian single malt whisky. Traditional methods and equipment combine with skilful craftsmanship, to ensure that every bottle of Launceston Distillery whisky is finished to perfection.

All of this process is on full display at our distillery that you can come and visit. We are located at Hangar 17, 287 Evandale Road, Western Junction. TAS 7212

Opening hours and tours: We  are open 10am-4pm Monday to Friday for tours. Tours usually start on the hour every hour. Weekend tours are available but only by appointment via the below email address. Contact: info@launcestondistillery.com.au, or phone (03) 6391 9140 for tour requests.

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In search of quality

When you buy a bottle of Launceston Distillery whisky you are purchasing a product made with heart and soul. Our whisky is distilled using the finest Tasmanian ingredients and patiently matures in our specially-sourced barrels. As a result of quality and consistency, we guarantee excellence in every bottle.

How we make it

Head Distiller Chris Condon | Photo by Rob Burnett

The heart of Tasmania

Launceston Distillery sits proudly in the heart of Tasmania, based at Launceston Airport’s Hangar 17 – the state’s oldest commercial aviation building. Our home is the gateway to Northern Tasmania, a region rich in natural beauty and renowned for its premium food, wine and, now, whisky.

Where we're from

Tamar River, Launceston | Photo by Rob Burnett

Latest news

Our Tasmanian Whisky Week 2021 release, the Launceston Distillery Muscat cask finish at 55% abv.

Introducing our Tasmanian Whisky Week 2021 release, the Launceston Distillery Muscat cask finish at 55% abv. Created in partnership with our friends on the Tamar River, Holm Oak Vineyards. Each year we receive an allocation of French Oak barrels that Holm Oak have used to age their muscat fortified wine. We then refill them at Launceston Distillery to mature […]

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Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2020

This years awards were held in late 2020. We submitted our three regular 46% whiskies, bourbon cask matured, apera cask matured and tawny cask matured into the unpeated whisky category. Each of the three achieved a Silver Award, which is categorised as being an “excellent” whisky. (View the results here) There was only one Gold […]

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Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2021

This year our whiskies again achieved high praise from Jim Murray: Batch H17-11, Apera 46%: 89.5 pts out of 100, (Very good to excellent), “Quite a statement whisky!” Batch H17-12: Tawny 63%: 94 pts out of 100, (Superstar), “A fruity but beautifully measured delight” Batch H17-13, Tawny 46%: 88.5 pts out of 100, (Very good […]

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