round coat of arms web whiteAt Launceston Distillery, we’re committed to produce high quality, hand crafted single malt whisky from local Tasmanian ingredients. Our aim is to enhance the reputation of the Tasmanian Whisky Industry worldwide.


Launceston Distillery Barrel Offer

Pre-Purchase Whisky Bottles from a Small Cask

Own your very own cask of whisky
We offer whisky enthusiasts the opportunity to pre-purchase 3 dozen bottles of single malt whisky from your own small 20 L cask, which is matured in our bond store for about 2 and a half years.
You can choose to take your bottles from one of the following cask options:
  One full American Oak bourbon cask
  One full European Oak Tawny Cask (Australian port)
  Two half casks,  one half of a Bourbon cask and one half of a Tawny cask
(If you would prefer another cask type, please contact us to discuss)
We guarantee your cask will produce 36 bottles of whisky (500 mL) at 46% alcohol. 
The all inclusive purchase price is $3,420, or $95 a bottle, including GST and excise.
If you would like to pre-purchase whisky from a small 20 L cask  then please contact us.   


Our Story

Chris Condon, the driving force behind Launceston Distillery, is a Launceston born whisky enthusiast. Recognising a gap in the Tasmanian Whisky Trail, Chris returned to Launceston in 2011 after 3.5 years as the Head Distiller at a prominent distillery located at Bothwell in southern Tasmania, to establish the first Whisky Distillery in Launceston in 175 years. His aim was simple; gather together a group of visionary like-minded people, passionate about whisky and all that Tasmania has to offer. The result, Launceston Distillery.



The Launceston Distillery Team.

Hangar 17 is the oldest surviving aviation building in Tasmania and is representative of the early twentieth century civil aviation hangars constructed in Australia, and has played a key role in the development of aviation in Tasmania and Australia.


History of Distilling in Launceston

Prior to the establishment of Launceston Distillery in 2014, Launceston’s whisky history consisted of only one distillery, Caledonian Distillery which operated between 1824 and 1838.


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