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The Tasmanian Collection

The Second Release of “The Tasmanian Collection” is now available.

Matured whisky from fourteen distilleries, including Sulivans Cove, Lark, Overeem, McHenry, Old Kempton, Corra Linn, Nant, Spring Bay, Adams, Hobart Whisky, Hellyers Road, Iron House, Killara, and also from us at Launceston Distillery, was blended together to produce 236 bottles at 52.5% ABV, (500 mL).

The bottles were released at the Whisky Showcase during the 2019 Whisky Week, and we have a small number of them available for sale at the Distillery or from our shop, for $260.

The proceeds from the sale of these bottles will support the Tasmanian Whisky and Spirits Association.