The Team

LtonDist0815-144Chris Condon

Chris Condon is the Production Manager of Launceston Distillery. He is an experienced Distiller, coming from a background as a Brewing Team Leader at J. Boag & Son. Chris gained his distilling experience right here in Tassie as the founding Distiller at a prominent Tasmanian distillery. Some of Chris’ whiskies have won international awards, a trend we hope he will continue at Launceston Distillery

LtonDist0815-133Chris Byrne

(The other) Chris, hailing from the rugged West Coast of New Zealand, moved to Tasmania in the last century to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle Tassie has to offer. His analytical and quality background will ensure (the first) Chris makes the finest Tasmanian whisky he can with our distinctive stills, while being an excellent corporate citizen. Chris is also looking forward to uncovering more of the history associated with the hangar and aviation in Tasmania.

LtonDist0815-130Peta Dolan

Peta is a born and bred northern Tasmanian. Coming from a Chemistry background, Peta has over 16 years’ experience working for a multinational company based in Tasmania, most recently managing their international sales. Peta’s focus will be on delivering excellent service to our Customers. Although new to the whisky industry, Peta has quickly developed an appreciation of whisky and particularly enjoys the homework required to develop her palate!

LtonDist0815-154Ilya Brucksch-Domanski

Ilya Brucksch-Domanski is the youngest director of Launceston Distillery. He is a qualified architect and project manager, and has a keen interest in business. Ilya’s involvement in Launceston Distillery has extended his interest and knowledge in the subtle yet diverse flavours and fragrances of whisky. His natural ability to communicate with people from a diverse range of backgrounds ensures he is a key member of the distillery team. Ilya is proud to be a founding member of Launceston Distillery

LtonDist0815-200Rob Carroll

Rob Carroll is an Architect and Director of a Tasmanian based architectural practice. Rob is excited by the way the Tasmanian Whisky Industry is developing and contributing to the Tasmanian economy. He sees the Tasmanian Whisky Industry as an example of how private enterprise can leverage the raw qualities that Tasmania has to offer, tap into local intellectual resources, and deliver a high value, high quality product to the world market.