Our Story

Chris Condon, the driving force behind Launceston Distillery, is a Launceston-born whisky enthusiast. Recognising a gap in the Tasmanian Whisky Trail, Chris returned to Launceston in 2011 after three and half years as the Head Distiller at a prominent distillery located at Bothwell in southern Tasmania, to establish the first Whisky Distillery in Launceston in 175 years. His aim was simple; gather together a group of visionary like-minded people, passionate about whisky and all that Tasmania has to offer. The result, Launceston Distillery.

Three years later Chris has brought together a dynamic team from diverse professional backgrounds. Rob Carroll, Chris Byrne, Ilya Brucksch-Domanski, and Peta Dolan, the founding Directors of Launceston Distillery.

The Launceston Distillery Team.
Peter Bailly of Knapp Lewer Engineering stands with his creations

Peter Bailly of Knapp Lewer Engineering stands with his creations

Staying true to our shared vision, we have sourced Stills designed and manufactured by Tasmanian craftsman at Knapp Lewer Engineering of Hobart.  We are sourcing barley grown on Tasmanian farms, and as the new custodians of Hangar 17, we are breathing new life into a unique and historic Tasmanian building.

In October 2015 we commenced production of our premium hand crafted single malt whisky. In our bond store, bourbon, port and apera (sherry) casks filled with our unique new make spirit are now maturing. We anticipate that our first bottles will be available for sale in mid 2018.  We are looking forward to sharing our journey with you.