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Our Private Cask Offer

We offer whisky enthusiasts the opportunity to pre-purchase their own unique bottles of our Tasmanian single malt whisky from a small 20 L cask, which is matured in our bond store for about 2 and a half years.

We will decant your cask, vat, bottle and then label your whisky using our Limited Edition Labels.

You then receive 36 x 500 mL bottles of single malt whisky at 46% alcohol (or equivalent if you would prefer to a different alcohol strength).

The cask is yours to take home as well.

By pre-purchasing the whisky at $93 to $97 per bottle,(dependent upon cask type) you are buying your bespoke whisky at a significant discount to our regular price (but have to wait for about 2 ½ years till the whisky is ready).

Our Cask Offer


Select your New Make Spirit

The flavour and aroma of your whisky comes from our new make spirit which we collect off the still at 63% alcohol, and the cask in which it is aged.
During maturation, the alcohol will draw out the favours and the colour from the oak casks.

We offer our standard New Make Spirit fermented from Tasmanian barley, or peated New Make Spirit fermented from peated barley sourced from overseas.

We routinely source casks coopered from apera, bourbon or tawny casks from our local Cooperages. If you would prefer a different cask, please contact us and we will try to source one for you.

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Select your Cask

We routinely source casks coopered from apera, bourbon or tawny casks from our local Cooperages. If you would prefer a different cask, please contact us and we will try to source one for you.

French oak Apera casks (Australian style sherry) produce elegant, full-flavoured whiskies. With copper colours, flavours on the nose and palate are a subtle combination of dried fruit, sherry and spice.

American oak Bourbon casks produce a light, classic whisky with refined style.  Distinctively golden in colour, the aromas and palate are sweet with a subtle mix of vanilla, toffee and bourbon notes

French oak Tawny casks (Australian style port) produce rich whiskies reminiscent of Christmas cake. With deep amber colours, the aromas and palate are a pleasant mix of grape, port and oak flavours.

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Cask Maturation

You are welcome to visit the Distillery to see your cask being filled.

We will give you a Cask Certificate with the cask details and fill date.

The cask must be matured for a minimum of two years to be called whisky.

In our climate we find about 26 – 30 months maturation in the cask develops the flavour of the whisky best.

Once the cask has matured, we will decant the whisky and store in a tank for about 2 months before bottling.

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Once vatted the whisky will be at “Cask Strength”, about 60 – 64% alcohol.

We regularly dilute the whisky to 46% alcohol before bottling, but you can decide the strength of your whisky.

You could take some bottles at Cask Strength, some at 46% or at some other level.

We will provide tasting samples of your whisky for you to decide how you would like it bottled.

In total you will get 36 x 500 mL bottles at 46% alcohol, or equivalent. For example, if you wanted six bottles at Cask Strength, that would leave about 28 bottles at 46%.

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Labelling & Bottle Collection

We will apply our Limited Edition Labels with your details printed on the label.

You can decide what details are printed, either text or graphics. Note we can only print in black.

You can use your own bottles and/or labels if you wish at your expense. (We can assist in getting them printed).

Each bottle is placed into our presentation carton.

Once the bottles are ready, you can collect them, together with your cask.

Or we can ship them to an Australian address at your expense.

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Order Process

Please contact us to discuss the cask offer at any time.

To place your order, please select your cask and complete the cask deposit purchase ($250) from our shop. We will then contact you to finalise your new make spirit selection.

Or contact us and we will send you an application form.

Once we have confirmed we can source your cask from a local Cooperage, we will raise a Tax Invoice to finalise the cask sale.  For bourbon, the total cask cost is $3,350 (36 bottles at approx. $93 each), for tawny it is $3,420 (approx. $95 each) and for apera it is $3,500 (approx. $97 each),

The pre-purchase price includes GST and excise, so the only additional cost is bottle freight to you, if applicable.

When the cask has been delivered, we will confirm if you would like to be present when it is filled.

After the cask maturation we will then be in contact to discuss bottle alcohol strength and labels.

You are welcome to visit the Distillery at any time to check on the progress of your cask.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if my cask does not give 36 bottles?

Each cask behaves differently during maturation, so it is possible that your cask will not give 36 bottles. If this happens, we will make up any shortfall with bottles from our stock. So you are guaranteed to receive 36 x 500 ml bottles (at 46% ABV) or equivalent, (if at a different alcohol strength),